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The size of your tire is a series of numbers on the tire just below the manufacturer's name.  For example, a 425/80-25, the tire has a relative width of 425, a relative tire wall height of 80, and a wheel diameter of 25.
Number of Bolt Holes:
Count the number of bolt holes on the wheel.
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Are the bolt holes hub piloted (straight) or stud piloted (beveled)?  See figure 1.
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Measure across he center of a single bolt hole.
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Measure the distance from the Inside Edge of one bolt hole to the Outside Edge of the bolt hole directly opposite opposite (such as from 12 to 6 on a clock).  See Figure 2.A.
Pilot Inner Diameter:
Measure the distance across the center of the pilot.  See Figure 2.B.
Measure the distance from the front of the disc to the front plate of the wheel.  See Figure 3.
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Measure the thickness of the disc.  See Figure 3.
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Measure the height of the disk.  See Figure 3.
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