Catalog:   Accuride Wheel 24.50", Aluminum (Inside Polish)

Wheels Now! is an Accuride Distributor.  Wheels Now! has a complete line of Accuride wheels for sale to suit your every need.  Whether you're looking for current Accuride wheels or old Accuride obsolete wheels, Wheels Now is your place.  Wheels Now services Accuride aluminum truck wheels, steel truck wheels, super single wheels, duplex wheels, stud piloted wheels, hub piloted wheels, demountable wheels, open center wheels, tubeless wheels, tube type wheels and everything in between.  We also manufacture obsolete wheels using Accuride parts and components.  Check our Accuride catalog for full listing of products we provide.  Contact us if you have questions or you're having difficulty finding your wheel - we'll bet we have it.

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24.50 X 8.25: 8 Hole on 10.827"(275mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Images
29670AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
24.50 X 8.25: 10 Hole on 11.25"(285.75mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Images
27599AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Stud Piloted Wheels6.59
24.50 X 8.25: 10 Hole on 13.189"(335mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Images
40010AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.79
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