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A complete wheel ready to be mounted on a vehicle.  This includes aluminums, and steel disc wheels.

Single piece wheels.
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24.00 X 9.00: 10 Hole on 13.189"(335mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Outset ?Images
W9x24 Hub Piloted LullAgriculture / Skid SteerSteelHub Piloted Wheels0.98
W9x24 Stud Piloted LullAgriculture / Skid SteerSteelStud Piloted Wheels0.98
24.00 X 16.00
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Outset ?Images
Cat 416B (24.00 X 16.00 Single Piece)Construction Rims / Earthmover RimsSteelHub Piloted Wheels
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