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A complete wheel ready to be mounted on a vehicle.  This includes aluminums, and steel disc wheels.

Single piece wheels.
24.50 X 8.25
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Outset ?Images
29670AOPHighwayAluminum (Outside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
24.50 X 8.25: 8 Hole on 10.827"(275mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Outset ?Images
29670ABPHighwayAluminum (Both Side Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
29670AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
29670ANPHighwayAluminum (Machined Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
88790HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
89851HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
24.50 X 8.25: 10 Hole on 11.25"(285.75mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Outset ?Images
27406HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
27599ABPHighwayAluminum (Both Side Polish)Stud Piloted Wheels6.59
27599AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Stud Piloted Wheels6.59
27599ANPHighwayAluminum (Machined Polish)Stud Piloted Wheels6.59
27599AOPHighwayAluminum (Outside Polish)Stud Piloted Wheels6.59
27688HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
28409HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
28410HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
28641HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
28827HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
29330HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
29545PKSLV21HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
40550ANPHighwayAluminum (Machined Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
40550XPHighwayAluminum (Both Side Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
41362ANPHighwayAluminum (Machined Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
41362XPHighwayAluminum (Both Side Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.59
50379HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
50381HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
87897HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
89922HighwaySteelStud Piloted Wheels6.62
90261HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
90263HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
90275HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
90542HighwaySteelHub Piloted Wheels6.62
24.50 X 8.25: 10 Hole on 13.189"(335mm) Bolt Circle
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Outset ?Images
40010ABPHighwayAluminum (Both Side Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.79
40010AIPHighwayAluminum (Inside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.79
40010ANPHighwayAluminum (Machined Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.79
40010AOPHighwayAluminum (Outside Polish)Hub Piloted Wheels6.79
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