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A rim with valve locaters which is used with a cast spoke wheel to provide the method of attaching tires to the vehicle.

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22.50 X 7.50: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
30371225HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.26
22.50 X 8.25: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
30391225HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
32051225HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
22.50 X 9.00: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
31686-22.5HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.00
32052225HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.00
22.50 X 12.25: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
13229HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.44
13279HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.44
13290HighwaySteelDayton Rims
13350HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
13351HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.63
13491HighwaySteelDayton Rims6.44
27225HighwaySteelDayton Rims0.380.38
27226HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.871.87
27999HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.88
28001HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.88
28550HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.88
31291HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.11
31292HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.00
31293HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.62
31294HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.00
31295HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.44
31296HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.75
31297HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.00
31298HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.44
31299HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
31300HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.44
31614HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
31658HighwaySteelDayton Rims0.38
31673HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.62
31674HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.00
31675HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.44
31676HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.75
31677HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.00
31678HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.44
31679HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
31680HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.44
31703HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.00
31986HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.44
22.50 X 13.00: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
13224HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.00
13228HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.94
13244HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.62
13298HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.20
13308HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.50
13349HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.62
13354HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26787HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26788HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26919HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.25
26942HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.83
27093HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.50
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