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A rim with valve locaters which is used with a cast spoke wheel to provide the method of attaching tires to the vehicle.

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22.50 X 13.00: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
13349HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.62
13354HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26787HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26788HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26919HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.25
26942HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.83
27093HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.50
27997HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.75
27998HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.00
28551HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.75
28630HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.75
31656HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.94
31659HighwaySteelDayton Rims0.00
31671HighwaySteelDayton Rims1.10
31681HighwaySteelDayton Rims3.50
31682HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
31689HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.50
22.50 X 14.00: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
13189HighwaySteelDayton Rims
13580HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.17
26414HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.75
26415HighwaySteelDayton Rims0.56
26580HighwaySteelDayton Rims5.82
26886HighwaySteelDayton Rims2.93
26940HighwaySteelDayton Rims
26965HighwaySteelDayton Rims
27721HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
31061HighwaySteelDayton Rims
24.50 X 8.25: Demountable
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Mounting ?Offset ?Inset ?Outset ?Images
30391245HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
32051245HighwaySteelDayton Rims4.75
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