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Wheels Now! Tips to Keep Wheels Rolling - Tip #2
Jan 30, 2014

Tip #2 Navigating and Choosing Wheel Partners

Finding the right partners and suppliers are critical to any successful business and wheels are no different. Finding and choosing the right partners will help keep your wheels, supplied, serviced and rolling.  Here are some considerations and tips when sourcing wheel partners.

BEFORE YOU START - Get prepared.  Know what your wheel and wheel parts needs are by conducting a Vehicle Equipment Wheel Survey.

ESTABLISH YOUR GOAL - To find wheel partners and service providers that fit your needs, know your equipment, and can service all your wheel, rim, and parts needs through a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Find partners that share your values - As partners you will represent their business and they ought to be representing yours.  Honesty, trust, respect and reputations are on the line.  Pick partners that lend credibility to your business, stand with you and by their products and services.
  • Identify and Rank your wants, needs and expectations in a partner - Quality Brands, Trustworthy, Sufficient Inventory, Experience, Proximity, Price, Professional Service, Respected, Resourceful, Reliable, and so forth.  Create your own wish list, dream partner and/or scorecard.
  • The Record - Look for partners with proven track records, are well experienced, have tenured staff and a history providing services and products you seek.  Good partners will bring skills and experience to your business and be a valued resource for you.  They understand business cycles, impacts, and can help keep you be abreast of rising tides, opportunities and downturns.  Their ability to weather challenges and remain soundly stable will give you the confidence to rely on them.
  • The Products - Identify the products and services you want and need.  Find partners with proven products, brands and services.  New products, lines or companies should be carefully considered and assessed before purchasing.  Know what you're buying, what you're getting and where it's coming from in order to have the confidence that your partners are standing behind you and their products.
  • Size Matters - Big factories have big staff, big schedules, big customers, big production runs and big orders to fill.  A smaller partner may be more nimble, efficient and quicker to fill your orders.  Too small and you may find that they have less inventory, limited product offerings, different cost structures, capabilities, or options.  A partner somewhere in middle may provide the best of both worlds.  Find the right match by asking questions of your partners and sharing what matters most to you and your business.
  • Relationships Matter - Knowing the right people in the right places will do wonders for you and your business.  Identify partners with the resources and connections you need to succeed.  Having a variety of contacts and connections at various levels throughout organizations may not seem all that important, but if you only contact one or two people it's hard to navigate when problems arise, track an order status, file a warranty claim, get pricing, product availability or other information.
  • OEM's and Dealers - Not all OEM's make their own wheels or parts. Most OEM's don't make their wheels at all. OEM's and their dealers have contracts and access to wheel factories that make their wheels. Some OEM's create proprietary wheel or part designs with the factory that are available only to them while the vast majority of parts are common. Dealers have access to inventory or stock wheels or parts. Dealers are a source and may be your best source for certain items, but not necessarily your only source, especially common goods.
  • Growing - Partners that work well together, grow together.  Partners should be supporting each others' growth.  Good partnerships are not one sided, but are mindful of opportunities; they uncover them, create them, and share them for mutual and maximum benefit.
  • Communicators - Good partners communicate needs, wants and expectations openly and routinely.  They offer advice, guidance, recommendations, and insights.  They share information willingly and help you to achieve your goals.  Good partners also make themselves available.

Like any relationship, good business partnerships, take time to, not only find but, also to work and make last.  We hope these tips will help you find fruitful and lasting ones.

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Recommended Construction and Earthmover Wheels, Rims and Parts
Jan 29, 2014

When servicing Construction and Earthmover Wheels, Rims and Parts - Wheels Now recommends having inventory on hand to get your wheels rolling.  Attached is an inventory guide with common construction wheel parts to help get you started.

Wheels Now! Tips to Keep Wheels Rolling - Tip #1
Jan 16, 2014

Tip #1 Conduct a Vehicle Equipment Wheel Survey

Prepare yourself by taking time now to conduct a vehicle and equipment wheel survey for all your equipment and vehicles.  Knowing what you have and what you will need will save valuable time.  Time spent now will help reduce down time later.

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Wheels Now January 2014 Edition - Latest News...
Jan 10, 2014

Happy New Year from all of us at Wheels Now.  We wanted to thank you all for your support in 2013 and look forward to being your source for all your wheel related needs.  Please feel free to visit our website anytime or contact us directly at 262-524-8800.

Updates And News

January Specials - Updated TODAY.  Click here for Specials.

Off Road Wheels - Makes and Models - Looking for Off Road wheels, construction wheels, earthmover wheels, rim, and parts?  We're kicking of the New Year by introducing enhancements to our Makes and Models.  In the margins to the left and right, you can see a small variety of wheels and rims we can build - but that's not all of them.  Caterpillar wheels and rims, John Deere wheels, Case wheels, JCB wheels, and many more are on the way.  Backhoe wheels, motor grader wheels, loader wheel and rims, and telehandler wheels will continue to pop up on the website as well.  We will continue to add to the website in 2014 and make finding the right wheels for your heavy equipment even easier.  if the information on your particular piece of equipment is not yet listed, please give up a call.

Don't Stand in the Cold - Wheel and Rim Parts - We've made choosing the right wheel parts for your equipment very easy.  Get the parts you need to service your equipment and your customers when they need it most.  Avoid wasted service calls, time, and trips into the frigid.  Take the right wheel and rim parts to the job site the first time.  Whether you're looking for a bead seat band, side flange, or lock ring, Wheels Now! Inc. makes it easy and warm.  Check our Resource Center for Earthmover / Off road Line cards and Parts Guide.  Still, not sure what you need?  Do yourself a favor, stay warm, and give us a call.

Forecasting for 2014 - Having product to sell will be essential to converting sales in 2014 Q1.  Share a forcast of your product needs with a Wheels now representative and we can help you throughout 2014.

OEM's command attention of large suppliers in Q1 and Q2 and as such lead times to secure product increases.  Don't be left out.  Wheels Now recommends working with your customers and with us to ensure you have the product when you need it most.

Plan ahead and get product forecasts and orders to your Wheels Now sales representative today.

Featured Specials - Start off the year with shiny new wheels at incredible savings.

24.5 x 8.25 - Steel Wheel - 10 Hole - 285.75mm Bolt Circle - Hub Piloted Dual
Acuride PN #29545PKSLV21 Powder Coated Silver
$35.00 each
Get Lighter and Brighter with Aluminum wheels
Aluminum Low-Boy Trailer wheels - Inside Polished - 17.5 x 6.75 - 10 Hole - 8.75" Bolt Circle - Stud Piloted Dual
Accuride PN #40170AIP
While supplies last!
$90.00 each.
Special Note:  ALL reasonable offers on Specials will be carefully considered.  Will consider freight assistance on larger orders.  Talk to a Wheels Now representative NOW!  1-800-782-5145

We wish you a very happy New Year and look forward to being there for you throughout the year!