Wheels Now Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

Since 1910, Wheels Now has had one clear objective:  To service our customers.  Recently, Wheels Now has invested in expanding our services for our existing customer, welcoming new customers and improving all facets of our business.  We've strengthened our relationships with our partners and suppliers to offer more of what you need and when you need it.  Our staff and vast database continue to lead the markets in wheel knowledge and expertise for Agricultural, Construction/ Earthmover, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Custom or Specialty wheels, rims and parts.

BEGINNING AUGUST 1, 2014 we are launching new initiatives, changes and improvements to better serve ALL of our customers.

  • New Pricing - New structured pricing system accessible by all sales staff.
  • Sales Resources - Quotes from more sales reps and a dedicated account Supervisor.
  • Quotes - Phone / Email quotes available - Register at www.wheelsnowinc.com.
  • Tracking - Ability to track quotes, orders and shipments systematically.
  • Inventory Management - Warehouse staff and systems to improve inventory and logistics

To better serve you, Here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Gather & Share Wheel Information  - Get detailed information on the wheel or part will save valuable time and multiple communications. The 'How to Measure a Wheel Guide' on our website lists needed information. www.wheelsnowinc.com/resources.php
  2. Save Your Information - Save your quote, wheel information, and the name of the rep that quoted you will make finding your quote faster and easier when you want to place an order.
  3. Paperwork - For freight charges, package tracking, invoices, shipping charges, or statements - ask for accounting staff directly.
  4. Keep Current - Share updated company information, key contacts, shipping preferences, communication preferences (email vs. mail).
  5. Connect  & Pass it Along - Share Wheels Now communications with staff. Wheels Now shares information on our website and LinkedIn, including specials, product announcements, supplier news and training material for your sales staff. We have a library of resources for your convenience. Visit and Register at www.wheelsnowinc.com.
  6. We Listen - Share your improvement ideas on how we can better assist and service your needs. feedback@wheelsnowinc.com

You can expect more information, products, resources, options and better service, from the most experienced wheel manufacturer and distributor in the industry - Wheels Now! Inc.


The Wheels Now Team

Published by on August 01, 2014 12:00 PM