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Wheels Now! is a manufacturer and distributor of wheels, rims, and parts for a wide variety of industries, vehicle applications and brands.

The company began with a manufacturing focus– uniquely formed with insights gained from the wheel distribution business: Wisconsin Wheel & Rim. A trio of executives from the Milwaukee branch realized that customers would routinely walk in or call them looking for an old or special wheel. In many cases, wheels were made obsolete by suppliers or simply were not offered in the wheel market. Customers had nowhere to turn.

Armed with the understanding of the wheel market, product knowledge, existing supplier relationships and partners; the opportunity and the idea to create a specialized wheel manufacturer was born. JKM Marjean Enterprises was created in 1981. The founder of JKM Enterprises was Jim Ziegler.

The company had humble beginnings like any new business. Production space and staff began small. The newly formed business initially operated as a separate business on Marjean Lane. They would soon move into a corner of the existing distribution business where the founder worked.  The unusual wheel requests from customers visiting the distribution business now had a resource. Word spread within the distribution network and among wheel industry affiliation members, namely the NWRA (National Wheel & Rim Association).  Many of the original NWRA members are part of today’s CVSN (Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network).

wheels now history owner
Black and White wheel, tire and rim



The founders knew the distribution business, industry suppliers and their product offerings well, however, over the early years they extended these relationships to include manufacturing knowledge, raw products, parts and components.  The business grew over the next 10 years.  Staff and engineering capabilities were added, providing service for small requests and to a few specialized OEM’s in the area.

As the business grew, so too did our supplier relationships.  JKM suppliers like Accuride, GKN Wheels, Hayes-Lemmerz (now Maxion), and Titan became invaluable.  When suppliers made wheels obsolete, JKM was an available and knowledgeable resource to provide viable solutions to their customers.  When a supplier saw weaning demand for products, JKM was there to make smaller production runs or honor fading customer requests.  JKM provided obsolete Budd Wheels, Accuride Wheels, and Motor Wheel solutions over the years and we continue to offer these product offerings today.

In 1996, JKM purchased the assets of Standard Wheel Specialty Manufacturing in Pennsylvania 1996 and a short time later changed the corporate name to Wheels Now! Inc.

Wheels Now! expanded in 2005 by adding a 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse space and again in 2011 adding more than 35,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing and warehousing space.

Today we service heavy duty highway, off-road, construction, earthmover, agricultural, industrial, military, specialty vehicles, custom applications and more.  We service over 1,500 active customers throughout North America and beyond.  We service well over 50 brands, including, Accuride, Caterpillar, Case, John Deere, Komatsu.

We work with industry leading suppliers recognized by the Tire & Rim Association.  We continue to service common active distribution wheels and parts from these leading suppliers.  We continue to service the uncommon, the obsolete, and the hard-to-find wheels and products.  When these solutions are no longer available, then we make to order.

See our capabilities, brands and applications to learn more.  We are sure that you will find that Wheels Now! is Your Wheel Solution.


  • JKM Marjean Enterprises (Parts Stamped JKM X- XXXX)

  • Standard Wheel & Rim (Parts Stamped SWR X-XXXX)

  • Wheels Now! Inc. (Parts Stamped WN XXXX-XXXXX) *Every wheel we have ever made has a story and a print. We have painstakenly cataloged, digitized and preserved each. Our database contains over 50,000 prints (and counting).


Wheels Now! has undergone several changes and expansions over the recent years to add capacity, state-of-the-art tooling and warehousing.  We believe our expansion is not only a representation of our clients and their work, but also a direct testimonial of how we have served them.

In our early years, Wheels Now! managed manufacturing, warehousing and office space in a single location on Marjean Lane.

Wheels Now Warehouse

In 2005, we built a 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse on our adjacent property to increase our storage capacity space and added inventory to better service customer needs.  Wheels Now! was then able to provide same day shipping of any stock product and significantly reduced manufacturing lead times.

Wheels Now Warehouse 2

In 2011, Wheels Now! made its new Headquarters and added 30,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing, warehousing and office space.  During our latest expansion, we added powder coating lines, state-of-the-art machining upgrades as well as a semi-automated welding station for increased capacity and quality.

Wheel and Tire Delivery

Today we are headquartered in a 50,000+ sq ft complex giving us the capacity to expand and better serve our customers.





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