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Wheels Now! is a manufacturer and distributor of wheels, rims, and parts for highway, off-road, construction, earthmover, industrial, military, specialty vehicles, custom applications and more.  We service common active wheels and parts as well as servicing the uncommon, obsolete, hard-to-find wheels and products.  If these wheel solutions are no longer available, then we make to order.  We make wheels to OEM specifications or to your custom specifications.

We are YOUR wheel solution.

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1910 - 2014

29521/29584 8 Hole on 8.86in (225mm) Bolt Circle 6.70in (170.10mm) Pilot Hub-Piloted Dual-Mounting Ford Steel Wheels
Part Number Rim Size Offset Hand Holes Price Qty
29521/29584PG 19.5 x 6.00 5.35 5 $65.00 310

29808, 29812, and 29815 10 Hole on 11.25in (285.75mm) Bolt Circle 8.661 (220mm) Pilot Hub-Piloted Tubeless Duplex Steel Wheels
Part Number Rim Size Offset Hand Holes Price Qty
22.5 x 12.25 5.75 Inset 5 $119.00 45
29815TKBLK21 22.5 x 12.25 4.00 Inset 2 $119.00 99
29812TKGRY21 22.5 x 13.00 5.25 Inset 5 $119.00 32

29695 8 Hole on 6.50in Bolt Circle 4.88 Pilot Stud-Piloted Single-Mounting Steel Wheels
Part Number Rim Size Offset Hand Holes Price Qty
29576PW 16 x 7 0.25 Outset 4 $66.00 45

For more specials, visit http://www.wheelsnowinc.com/catalog/surplus.php. Prices and quantities are subject to change without notice. Please call or send us an email at for up to date prices and quantities.